Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Five Minutes with Soccer Senior Laura Grace Robinson

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This week, we sat down with Laura Grace Robinson as the Aggies prepared for Sunday’s Sweet 16 match-up against the Florida Gators.

True Brown: What is the biggest difference between the way the Big 12 Tournament unfolded and how the team played in the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament?
Laura Grace Robinson: Because our team is so young at least half of our team hasn’t been in the NCAA Tournament, so I think everyone was really excited. We know that it’s a win-and-advance or lose-and-go-home (situation). We played really well, and I think you could see the urgency of how each game counts. People mark your season on how you played in the Tournament, so it’s a lot of pressure, but at the same time it’s a lot of fun.

TB: What do you do now to kind of keep things rolling?
LGR: Going to the Sweet 16 is really exciting, so it’s not going to take much to get us pumped up for this game. We’re going to have a lot of time this week since the game is not until Sunday, so we need to stick with the same things we’ve done all season. There’s going to be another excitement level because it is the Sweet 16 and Florida is a great team. It won’t be hard to get up for this game.

TB: What kind of game will Florida try to play?
LGR: They are really athletic, so it will be a fast-paced game. They have a really nice field so it won’t be slow at all. They are the type of team that we like to play, so I think it will be a good game.

TB: As a senior, does the NCAA Tournament take on an added meaning since every time you take the field could be your last game ever?
LGR: Honestly, I try not to think about that too much. Winning matters just as much to me as it does to our freshmen. We all want to go as far as we can, so I try to keep it in perspective and not put extra pressure on it. All season long, I’ve had fun and soaked up my last year of playing. I think everyone has that sense of urgency—everyone wants to win.

TB: Personally, what kind of goals did you have before this season started?
LGR: Obviously, you set the standard high. I was hoping to get the fifth Big 12 championship in a row. It didn’t happen but we had a good regular season. The Big 12 Tournament was a little disappointing, but the goal all along has been to win as many games as possible and advance as far in the NCAA as we can. We’re off to a good start so hopefully we can get past Florida.

TB: Are you surprised the freshmen on the team are playing such a big role?
LGR: Maybe if you would have asked me in July and told me what they would have done, I would have been pretty shocked. Seeing them in preseason, though, it hasn’t surprised me that they’ve been such an important part of our team. I think it’s really unique that from the freshmen to the seniors, everyone has played a big part. Every victory we’ve had this year have been total team victories. The team chemistry we have makes playing a lot of fun.

TB: The game this weekend is on Sunday—do you like waiting around that long or would you rather get it over with on Friday?
LGR: I’d probably rather play it on Friday, but this gives us a little more time to prepare. When it comes down to it, the game is just a game no matter when you play it. It doesn’t matter when we play it.

TB: What’s in store for you after your playing career is done and you’re through with college?
LGR: I’m a finance major, so unfortunately prospects aren’t too great right now. Before I get a job, I’m planning on traveling for a little bit with my roommates. Hopefully we will have some fun adventures before I have to go out into the real world!

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