Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Containing Abrams

Came across this recently and thought folks might enjoy giving it a look.

Seems like the Aggies have played AJ Abrams as well as anyone over the years. The junior from Round Rock was certainly flustered throughout Monday's game.

Here is a run down of Abrams' last four games against A&M. Keep in mind that Abrams is averaging 17 points per game this year and shooting just shy of 40 percent:

2008: 8, 9 points (combined 5-for-21 from field--23.4 percent)
2009: 9, 7 points (combined 6-for-22 from field--27.2 percent)

Abrams has fared much better against other Big 12 South squads.

vs. OU: 15.7 points per game
vs. OSU: 11.7 ppg
vs. Texas Tech: 13 ppg
vs. Baylor: 17.3 ppg

OSU has defended Abrams pretty consistently, allowing him into double figures only once. Still, no team has kept him in check quite like the Aggies.

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